New System

Toying around with a new system….again. I have recently become interested in some RPGs again. Risus has grabbed my interest primarily, but I have also been interested in a game called Mouse Guard. It is based on an awesome graphic novel ( but uses the Burning Wheel system. I have never played BW but from what I have heard on it, I do not like it. Too much crunch for me. For me, the game is all about the story and primarily the FUN. So when a system throws a crunchy game mechanic at me, well, I usually run away really fast. I really really like the Mouse Guard and would love to play it, but I just cannot get my mind around the mechanics. So….


I jumped into messing around with a mechanic myself. Toying with a sort of system that revolves around a stat+trait=die pool. Any 4,5, or 6 is treated as a success and you compare the # of successes either to an opposing die pool roll OR a difficulty number determined by the GM for the task and situation at hand. At the moment I am thinking that you compare playerA to playerB and subtract the looser’s # of successes from the winners total and that is the number of die the looser loose from their die pool. 


Tom has Body (4) and Fighting (2) vs Bob’s Body (3) and Martial Arts (4). Both roll, Tom rolls 6d6, getting 3 successes; Bob rolls his 7d6 and gets 1 success. Tom beats Bob this round by 2, so Bob must reduce his Martial Art’s trait by 2, down to 2. 

I figure this method will offer a way of supplanting a Health or Hit Point system by reducing the ability of characters to continue to be effective. First go traits, then when traits are reduced, you would be forced to then use your stat (body, mind or will).


2 thoughts on “New System

  1. Interesting, I will certainly take a look at it, though I must say I am not a huge fan of the Burning Wheel system, just is too crunchy for my tastes lately.
    Thanks for posting the link!

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