Home. Part 1 of 2.

I recently traveled home to the US and I learned a few things there that I would like to relate things I learned while home.

First. Home is good. 😉 I got to reconnect with my wife and daughters wonderfully and attend gymnastics, piano, soccer, girl scouts, a Festival of Arts at one school, got to tour a possible high school that my daughter might attend (scary), and a host of normal everyday things that most of us take for granted. My wife had the awesome idea of taking one daughter each day and picking them up from school and spend an afternoon with each doing something that each would remember and like to do. It was something I wish I had done earlier in the trip home, but it still turned out amazing. I took Haley to Garden of the Gods along with all her art stuff, including a easel that she got for her birthday and we spent an afternoon painting the rocks at the park. She really took too it, took to the strange ideas I came up with such as using the actual dirt in the park to stain the canvas to ‘give it that real Colorado feel.” When people walked up and asked to look at what she was doing, asked to see he artwork, or simply commented on how awesome it was to see someone her age out painting nature…well she beamed. It was simply an amazing way to spend the day with her. Dakota and I were a little crunched for time and while we never got to go horseback riding like we wanted, I spent the day shopping at my personal favorite store Barnes and Noble, eating lunch and watching a pretty good movie (17 Again, which I thought was going to be a total teenie bopper movie and ended up being much more of a movie about a dad who made mistakes and did everything he could to get his family back…I think I enjoyed it more than she did actually). I really wish I had spent the day with her earlier because it allowed us time, just us, to connect and push past the dad vs teenager stuff we had gone through most of the time I was home.

While home I also got introduced to our latest addition, our small dog Maddie whom we all thought would hate me (she doesn’t like strangers at all) but instead took right to me. Within a few days I woke up and found Maddie sleeping nuzzled right up to me. She is a really good dog and fits into my crazy family perfectly. Well, minus the fact she chewed my Army cap the first day, eat my wife’s new tennis shoes, and essentially eats everything in sight if you don’t put it out of reach of her furry little muzzle.

All in all, I had a great visit at home, we didn’t really do much except besides go through the normal routines that the girls had gone through every day without me. However, it was great to reconnect with real life again and spend normal time with them rather go on some trip or something.


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