I was going to save this for a future post, but I managed to watch some news tonight and some scary things were brought to my attention that I felt I should pass on to the few people that read my silly little blog.

The Unions are being propped up higher by the Obama administration. 

In the latest Chrysler news, it was found that the people that actually OWNED (read: held the secured loans the company had) part of the company will essentially be bought at for pennies on the dollar. While the Unions, which owned exactly ZERO of the company before now owns 55% of the company. How the hell does that happen? Oh yeah, Obama was helped by the Union, so he now returns the favor. Me? I will never, ever buy a Chrylser. Period. I hope the company, and all the union people, fail miserably and this company passes into oblivion. 

ACORN is a crime ridden organization that is being given a pass by the Obama administration.

ACORN has now been brought on charges in 14 states. 14! They keep repeating this mantra of “it is just a few bad apples, a few lowly employees!” statement. However today a regional director was put on charges, a regional director! Clearly there is a coordinated effort on behalf of ACORN to corrupt our voting process. And where does Obama stand, he could care less so long as they keep registering cartoon characters/dead people/children/illegals to vote for him. This organization cannot name a single conservative that they support (clearly a show of partisanship) and are now using the racist card anytime someone stands up to them. Are we really dumb enough to fall for this type of nonsense?

Social Engineering is real and it is here. You’ve even been a victim of it.

I took a look at my children’s homework while I was home and noticed something. In my youngest MATH homework all the questions revolved around green ideas and recycling. This concerns me because while I have no problem with recycling, they are forcing these ideas on to our children so that when they are older it will become more and more excepted. Remember a few years ago when every TV show had a gay character? Every movie had one as well. Now our children accept gays as normal ok everyday things. Now I am not saying this was bad, but exposing our kids to something repeatedly tends to make them accept it as they grow older (and don’t say I just hate gays, I have know a few in my life and have no problem with them so long as they just want the laws to be fair, no special considerations allowed). The same thing is now being done with Green initatives. I guess the liberals saw how successful it was with getting homosexuality to be mainstream, so they are now applying it to Green things. How many commercials did you see about Green this year? How many products are advertised as being Green in the papers and on TV? We and our children are being brain washed to think we MUST buy and agree with everything Green. 

I fully agree that Green is good, but when it comes to making Americans unable to be successful in a world market, I have problems. If we continue to pressure companies into being Green here, and in places like China they do not. Where do you think it will be more profitable to operate? Where do you think they will build that next factory? Where will you work then?

Exactly my point. Green is good to a certain extent.

Just another thought I want to record:

I was talking to my wife while I was home and a disturbing thought came to, she denounced it as conspiracy nonsense and perhaps she is right. I sure hope she is. 

Obama is president. Dems control the House and Senate. Soon the liberals will control the Supreme Court as well. SO, if the liberals bring up a law with wide sweeping power changes for the president it must pass through the system of checks and balances before it could take effect. The Senate Repubs cannot beat it, cannot filibuster it. It passes unchecked. The president lets it slip into law. Concerned citizens of course sue on on the grounds that the law is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court is dominated by liberals and refuse to side with the citizens.

Pres Obama now has sweeping powers to do what he wants. 

This sound familiar? Or impossible?

Look up Hilter and how he came to power.


Is that conspiracy crazy talk? Perhaps. Could it happen? Sure, we are already allowing our government to take over companies and put the people they want in charge on the board of directors. 6 of the 9 board members at Chrysler will be either placed by the Obama administration or his buddies at the UAW.  I sure hope you like socialism and the government controlling and owning everything…it is on the way people.


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