Second. Part two of two.

Family is good, and fate can be funny.

On my flight home we passed through Dallas, where my father happens to live. I wasn’t sure how much time I would have between connecting flights, but dad met me at the airport and we had breakfast, I visited their house and it was great to connect again with him, just us two, for while. Chance put Dallas in my route and it paid off nicely. On my return trip, I would again pass through Dallas. My flight there was delayed due to weather and I missed my connecting flight to Kuwait. Well, luckily dad and his wife hunkered down at the airport for four hours waiting for me and I was going to have to spend the night at a hotel until the following day to catch the next flight…so of course I went to their house instead and spent the evening at an amazing middle/high school play that their niece attends. I got to meet another part of my new extended family, their two daughters, see this truly amazing musical play these kids put on, spend the evening and next day with dad and my “new mom.” The next day we went to their church and I met their church fellowship group and spoke with the people that have been packing boxes and sending them to us for the last six months. It was really great to put names to faces and talk to the people who have been really nice and cared and prayed for us for the last six months. Following that, my flight was delayed (again) and we ended up spending about six hours at the airport where they got a crash course in Army and how we operate. I seriously appreciate them spending almost two days in the airport with me, putting up with the insanity called the Army, and letting me into their lives for a little bit.

Btw, did I mention the play was awesome!?


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