Being True Americans

In an awesome twist of what should be happening everywhere, the state of Montanna is standing up and being true Americans.

The Montana Legislature passed and its Democrat governor signed a law which specifies that guns which are produced, sold and maintained within the state are exempt from federal regulations.

So if the Feds decide to push this issue and arrest someone, the State can counter sue the Federal government. This could set up some interesting problems for the Feds as the 10th Amendment prohibits the Federal gov from producing any laws that over steps it’s bounds. This is exactly what caused the Civil War (not slavery, go read some history). 

I have been saying this for years now. I love old Abe, but I think the terrible aspect of the Civil War was that States lost their rights and allowed the Feds to essentially control everything. This is not how it should be and forces us to a small Federal government, as it should be. If all our states would ‘man up’ and stand for our rights, perhaps we could get the Income Tax repealed.

More information on the 10th Admendment: 
 Tenth Amendment


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