24hr RPG Contest

Well I have seen this contest for ears and always thought it would be greKeeton Must Die! TBBSat to take a stab at it. Stuck here in Kirkuk, I decided now was the time (so yeah, the Army essentially paid me to create this pdf). Basically it is a contest to create a fully playable role-playing game in under 24 hours, completely with layout, mechanics, character sheets, the whole sheebang. Allot harder than you think.  😉

I selected the Teddy Bear Blood Sport, a silly theme, but I had the original idea of an actual blood sport type TV show where animated teddy bears fought it out. But then I started thinking that it might be more fun to have a renegade group of teddy bears that were possessed by evil souls, think how pissed you would be, an all powerful evil soul stuck in a furry cuddley soft stuffed animal. LOL Just made me laugh. Then throw in how mad they would be and if they were the bad guys,  BUT you were one of them, seeking revenge. Would be great. I picture a sort of Terminator 4 image in my head, a coupd of gritty dirty teddy bears, sitting around sewing their arms and legs back on while they take a slow drag off a cigar and take about slicing people to pieces…..just a funny image.

Anyway, so I sat down and tackled the game yesterday, was allot harder than I though, especially the last 6 or so hours, I was dead tired and had to struggle to finish proofreading it. Sure there are plenty of mistakes. 

If you want to take a gander at it, here you go:
Keeton Must Die! TBBS

To learn more about the contest here:


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