….their true colors are shining through

Well, on another base now, go decent internet and was able to catch up on some news happening the US lately. I realized that the Dems are starting to show their true colors and I can only hope that the voters out there wake the hell up.
Let’s see:
Pelosi caught lying numerous times. Claims that she didn’t take a stand when she disagreed with the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques because that wasn’t her job while sitting on the Intelligence Committee. Apparently her job (and she actually said this) was to get a new president elected. LOL Sometimes people in real life are so stupid, we don’t need fictional ones to laugh at on TV. I wonder though, who is California keeps voting for this stupid woman? I think we should waterboard her to find out the truth.

Arlan Spector gets totally screwed. The Dems yell and cheer that he comes over to their side and the world gets nervous because the Dems will be able to fight any filibuster put forth by the Reps. Apparently the Dems offer him a bunch of stuff to switch, and now, none of it is come to fruition! LOL We got you sucka! I am betting they offered him tons of support for his next election since he is loosing and a Rep might win his seat, I wonder what will happen when they see that even with their help he cannot win. Guess he will fade away and retire. Sucka!

Obama has decided to restart the military tribunals. HA! And no one wants those Guantánamo Bay prisoners. So no he may have to renig on one of his campaign promises and cancel his Executive Order to close the camp. Jeez, guess that little problem down there which was a thorn in Bush’s side is turning out to be not such an easy fix is it there bub? How’s about you ASK people who are smarter than you before jumping the gun next time and doing something stupid?


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