Still shocked by how dumb Americans can be

Ready for a shocker, this one is going to piss some people off.
You know, I have a saying that I sometimes say:

“A dead anything else is better than a dead American.”

Now, some pinko liberal is going to come along and tell me that is wrong, and that is fine. In America we have something called Free Speech that allows me to say that and for some idiot to come along and refute it. Hell, I joined the Army to ensure that some idiot could say that. All is good in the world.

We also used to have something in America called Pride as well. That seems to have disappeared today. Pride in America. Pride in the fact that America can do anything. Pride in the fact that Americans were the best, are the best, and always will be the best. It is what drove us to the moon in a decade. Drove us to be victorious in the World Wars. Somewhere along the line we fell off the track and now it is quite hip to be an American basher. I wonder how people sleep at night when they talk of nothing but hatred for their country, how we are so corrupt, how our ways are evil, and we should generally be ashamed of everything this country has achieved in its grand history.

The reason I am talking about this is the recent torture debate raging through our country. You see, it is true that I am a soldier, so I may have a skewed point of view on this, but as I said previously ANY other being dead is better than an American being dead. So when it comes down to any of my fellow Americans, be it some hippy weirdo in California, or some uptight upperclass stock broker in New York, or some redneck cowboy on a ranch in Texas, some inner city kid struggling in Chicago, or the 1st generation waitress whos’ family came from Puerto Rico ten years ago……to me they are my brothers and sisters against the rest of the world. Sure, at times I disagree with them, but hold a bond that is stronger than anything else. We are Americans, and I will stand beside them at the brink until the very end.

So when it comes to do I believe that it might be necessary in the course of events to torture, bend the rules, possibilty even commit an evil act so that my brothers and sisters might sleep soundly in their warm beds half-way across the globe, I feel it is the correct path. Protecting an American, ANY American is my point in life, my point of existance.

Now, before you run off saying I am beyond hope, I am evil in my soul, stop and look at yourself in the mirror. Turn and look at your family. See your wife or husband. See your children, that daughter you want to dance with on her wedding day, that son you want to cheer on when he hits that home run in the 9th inning.

If it meant saving their life, protecting them from harm or even death. Would you not authorize some foreigner to be waterboarded? Some Entomophobia suffer to be put in a room with a few insects? Made someone be kept awake for more than 72 hours straight? Made someone sit in a cold room for a few hours?

If you can honestly say that you would let your family suffer because you would not allow someone to be ‘tortured’ in these assinine ways…well, I feel terribly sorry for your family.

Honestly, I do not know what to say. If my family was threatened, you better damn well believe I would torture some asshole to find and save them, and trust me, waterboarding would be the nicest thing I do to the person.

I for one am proud of my country. Are we perfect? No. No one is. Are we pretty damn good though? Hell yes. I am proud of the fact that my daughters put that flag up in front of our house everyday. I fly Old Glory in front of my room here in Iraq. I wear the flag on my uniform everyday. I will fly a flag in front of my house until they put me in the ground.

And damn it, I am proud to call myself an American.


3 thoughts on “Still shocked by how dumb Americans can be

  1. Torture does not work. It did not work in the 50’s. It’s not working now. (I’m an ex-legion-etrangere) I know what I’m talking about. The French really knew how to torture. Still it did not work.

  2. That is contrary to much of the stuff I have read. I know it does not work in every situation, nor do I feel it should always be employed. However, I do not feel that things such as a cold room, a room with bugs, or making someone stay up longer than normal should be considered torture…being in the Army I am constantly experiencing all three. Should I sue my government on the world stage for torture for forcing me to be exposed to these ‘forms of torture”????
    I agree with you that sometimes they are not effective, I do feel that we too often give our enemies rights that they would never even consider providing to us and thus it weakens our power and respect in the world respect. Though perhaps not the French stage, because, well you guys will offer them a latte and hope they tell you where the next terrorist attack will be.

  3. I thank God everyday for people like you. And I agree, I would do this if my family was in peril. I do not think that these methods are torture. When I look up the definition of torture on say,, it gives me the following definition:

    1. the act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty.

    These methods do not fit this definition. And, we have evidence to the contrary that torture works. Again, not in all cases, but if it even saved one life, it is worth it.

    God Bless America, God Bless Our Soldiers.

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