Serenity and Obamunism

Ok, this may seem weird, but I am going to shoot this out there. 

A long time ago I read somewhere that movies often take current events and issues and underscore films of a certain period with those things. One does not have to look too far to see it. Remember the 80s? Many movies, mostly science fiction imo, dealt with things we were afriad of in the future: robots, nuclear destruction, war, etc. Well a funny thing occurred to me this evening. 2001 and the movie Tron are a perfect showcase of this, our fear of the future and the evergrowing world of computer domination is powerful in both those movies and perfectly matched the overall feeling of much of the population at the time they came out.

I was sitting here watching one of my favorite movies, Serenity, and it occurred to me that the movie is about freedom and not being controlled. You see, the movie is about a young lady named River Tam who was placed into a mind control advanced weapons program by the government, but it goes deeper than this. The movie (and the awesome television series) was really about a government that sought to control a futuristic society by using a chemical to social engineer a more peaceful society. This was successful and people stopped fighting, however eventually they also started to stop caring if they ate, sleep, even to the point they didn’t care if they still could breath and eventually millions of them just dropped and died. What they did was social engineering on a massive (and chemical) level. The government regulated the people’s very existence to the point that they snuffed them out.

So here I am watching this and I suddenly realize this movie is about having the freedom to be who you want to be without having the government regulate everything you do. The movie is about standing up to an oppressor for your right to be who you want. So, as I said before, I think movies show a populations sort of place in time and here we have a movie that expresses exactly what is going on right now. A growing government that wants to regulate everything about your life, how you live, what car you can drive, what freedoms you have (by taxing those extra freedoms you enjoy), even telling where and how you can get care. And here we have a movie that shows exactly what the destination of a journey down that road might look like.

I wonder if Joss Whedon was aware of this when he made the movie a few years ago. I am sure he could not have predicted how much our government has grown (and who’s growth will explode here soon), or how far we will allow the government to control our lives….then again, perhaps he did.

“I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.”


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