ACORN, Injustice and The Dems

Ok, I like to read stuff, so I was browsing a blog by an actor I like (I know, i know…an actor! HA!) and I find that his calls for injustice and the need to hunt these people down and bring them to justice is mandatory! That we must do this otherwise our government will never be the beacon of freedom and respectability it once was. You can read the full article here: John Cusack’s blog

While I agree with him, IF the law clearly states that it was against the law, then yes, it is against the law. However, John should tread lightly, if we were to follow his need to blind justice, half of Hollywood would be behind bars for DUI, drug use, renting boys in bathrooms and the like. It would be so bad, I might even be able to get a job as a movie star. Rock on!

Anyway, so I am reading this and a thought occurs to me. The Dems are so adamant about finding justice, then why are they not in an uproar about ACORN and voter fraud? I mean really, voter fraud affects every single one of us, all Americans of all parties. Why the silence on the Dem side of the isle? Oh yeah, because ACORN has been helping the Dems win elections across the nation by registering Mickie Mouse to vote, a couple dead people, and paying people with cigarettes (and probably drugs too) to vote for their people.

I know you won’t believe little old me, so here are some links to check out and be informed, there are tons more, just google ACORN and fraud:

 WSJ Article

and my personal favorite:  ACORN Activity Map  (sort of makes it sound fun doesn’t it?) I really like the one in PA where 57,435 of the voter registration cards that ACORN helped get were deemed “clearly fraudulent.” Good going guys! Keep up the good work, maybe in the next election you can get Iranians to vote in our elections!

And what are the Dems doing about this? Well, or course, they want to expand the organizations work! They have been doing so well, the Dems want to reward them with money from the “Stimulous” Bill to help further their excellent work! I am so glad we have a president that can be linked back to this fine upstanding organization, hopefully he learned some good stuff while working with them, like how to forge voter cards, make up funny names on voter registration cards, how to bribe people with cigarettes (never know, might work in Iran or N Korea?)….all in all, good times.

Better yet, how about the Dems just investigate Murtha’s hundreds of millions of YOUR dollars airport that has three flights a week.


4 thoughts on “ACORN, Injustice and The Dems

  1. Democrats seeking justice? The only “justice” that the Dems will endorse is the abomination that is their definition of “social justice.” To that evil and ant-American end they will do anything and ally with anything that furthers their aims irrespective of law, custom, or common decency.

  2. Are you familiar with the New York Times not running an article about ACORN’s direct involvement with campaigning for Obama and influencing the election in Ohio?

    1. I’m familiar with it. They admitted that they didn’t run it because they thought it would hurt Obama’s chances in the election. So much for the last vestige of journalism at what once was the “Grey Lady.”

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