New Project: Aerocrom

I have had an idea in my head for…well, let’s just say forever and I could never rid myself of it. However, I could just never get the idea right, the random thoughts put in line to make sense. So yesterday our net was crappy and I started daydreaming (I was actually trying to take a nap) but this idea kept coming up. It literally would not let me sleep. So rather than toss and turn, I decided to get back up and work on it. The ideas just came, flooding me and I really dove in.


I don’t want to say too much right now, just thought I would throw up a couple things that I am working on. First, it is a world called Aerocrom, a sort of steampunky place where islands called platen hold humanity precariously hanging on to life. To get from platen to platen, the people must use aircraft, including the coolest thing ever: zepplins!

diamondback To the left is a craft I drew that is common of the types you might see in this world. It is actually an armored zepplin, with the gasbags being kept inside of that armor plating. Why armor plating you ask? Well because the evil Empire of Mephalantis is constantly trying to take over everything and bring the innocent people to their knees of course! 

As things develope I will include more snapshots of what I am working on, so far I have races, people, places, countries, technology, and some information on using the setting with Risus. Yep, you read that right, this setting is for Risus!


2 thoughts on “New Project: Aerocrom

  1. Thanks, still working on this, I may move slightly to a more structured form of Risus based on a game system I just found, it will still be Risus at heart though.

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