Whoa, taking Risus even simpler…?

Is it possible? I would have said no before reading this: Evens Up

It is elegant, simple to learn, not a huge deviation from the original rules, and I feel really strips Risus even further in simpleness. I think i will certainly have to give this a try. A really really great idea.


9 thoughts on “Whoa, taking Risus even simpler…?

  1. So this is how I’ve been doing it in The Flowers of Evil.

    1) Anything 4 or higher is a success. I’m not sure about aces/exploding dice, but I really like the idea and I might incorporate it. The difference is that you use polyhedral dice, so the chances of getting a success with a d12 is obviously much higher than with a d4.

    2) You get a name/reputation die, which acts kind of like level. In FoE, this is based on your Infamy/Obscurity, which changes throughout the game. You always roll this one, no matter what.

    3) You get trait dice. This can be nearly anything (spent time in prison, red hair, his father’s switchblade), and you can bring it in as long as you can justify it in the narration.

    4) You might get stat dice, but I haven’t worked that in yet. This might end up being Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual…or Vigor, Reason, Will, Influence…You can take damage to these dice, and maybe you have to have some sort of refresh scene.

    5) I like the idea of having wound tracks (boxes). The number of wounds you take is equal to the difference of the roll.

    So…thanks for letting me use your comment area to write a system.

  2. LOL No problem, anytime!
    I have to say that over the last year since really taking a look at Risus, I have written RPG systems (probably about 4 or 5) and looked at problem 20+ different ones. When I am done and I step back to checkout how it looks, I always think to myself “Great, but I could do it with Risus…and probably easier too.” And so I am sort of stuck in a rut, I think I need to play a bunch of Risus and get it out of my system (or decide once and for all to stick with it for ever).

    btw, weird coincidence. Right when I got notice you had posted your comment, “Poison in My Blood” came on my iTunes.

  3. Cool. The planets are aligned!

    I have the same problem. Almost every system I write turns out to be either complicated Risus or inelegant FATE.

    Have you played FATE? It’s really my go-to system.

  4. Yeah I was sitting there singing along and then it hit me and I realized what song I was reading, and who I was listening to singing. Weird.
    I have looked at it, read it, just never played it. I have two problems. First, the latest version I have of it is 115 pages long (OGL version i think), and the ver 2 has 95 pages. These days, well, I just cannot force myself to read any game system longer than say 20 pages. If there is a setting thrown in, go for maybe 60 pages. Second, well like I said, everything, and I mean everything I read I say to myself “I could do this with Risus!” I think my mind has been brain washed or something, I read any game, any character sheet, and my mind does the mental conversion to Risus.
    I am thinking of doing a series on here, doing up a Risus character everyday, just for the hell of it.

  5. Inside every thick book there’s a thin book trying to get out. Remember the 2-page system? I hate reading lots of unnecessary text. I’m not a fan of systems you need a book to reference, and that you can’t explain in 10 minutes.

    Maybe I’ll do a 20-page-or-less FATE, explaining the way I play it.

    After I finish Flowers of Evil, of course.

  6. Oh, yeah. But it’s better than pulling 400 pages out of your ass by far.

    It’s a good goal, though. The Red Box D&D was skinny, man! I don’t see why we need to write 50 pages or more when 10-20 will do. Maybe I should write a manifesto and start a movement.

  7. Also check out D6 Prime/Legend for a way of counting successes.

    And there is of course also the methods S.John Ross mentioned in message #1095 on the Risus mailing list.

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