The Tigris and Iraq you never see

tigris river

Cool! Yesterday I walked in the Tigris river. This area one of the oldest civilized areas of the world. We were checking out a border fort and the guys said that the Tigris was right there. I just had to go down and stick my feet in. Imean, come on! It’s like the cradle of civilization man! So Chuck and I headed down there, I dropped my camera and didn’t realize it until too late (duh)! So I didn’t get any photos till we were back well away from the river again. But there it is! You can see it right there. Pretty neat to see that and be right there.

saddam dam

Later we headed back up east in the mountains between Turkey and Iraq to see a few more  forts, along the way we stopped and the guys showed us some beautiful areas in the Kurdish region of Iraq. To the right you can see the greenest place in Iraq (least I think so). You can also see a bit of Saddam’s damn, supposedly put there to power one of  Saddam’s palaces which is nearby. Unfortunately we did not have time to check out the palace, now in ruins. Maybe next time. Anyway, here is a view of Iraq, a tourist resort area in fact, that you never, ever see in the news. No one shot at us either, or tried to blow us up. In fact, we got out and walked through a town. We were invited, and shared a bit of tea in the town with a local police man. Quite a nice and friendly chap.


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