Why Iraq will fail

Today I spent over two and a half hours discussing a construction project here in Iraq with government officials and the civilian builders. There are some discrepincies between what the government says was in the contract to build and what the civilians say they agreed to build. During this meeting, it became very apparent to me why this country will fail in the end.

Everyone is out for themselves. Seriously.

Ok, now you might say that it is the same elsewhere in the world, but I beg to differ. In other places I have been in the world, people are not skimming off the top over every action, at every level. Here, I have come to the realization that corruption is everywhere….terrible. Additionally, I really feel that a majority of people here, not everyone mind you, but a good number are solely trying to get everything they can out of the US while we are here. I am soooooo sick of people with their hands out. And while I have always given to charity, this place has really given me a bad taste in my mouth regarding charity.

Anyway, I don’t even want to talk about it, that’s how pissed off I am about this whole thing.


2 thoughts on “Why Iraq will fail

  1. Although I’m a Brit, and therefore not paying your wage but I still feel the need to thank you for trying. Winning is not nearly as important as trying. And thank you for that.

  2. Thanks, I have been very lucky in my assignments the last few years and this is my first trip to Iraq. I really feel sorry for the guys who have been here three and now going on four tours, if this fails, well, that is a terrible amount of flesh, blood and sweat that goes to nothing.

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