The Ruins of Kal-Kamen!

I just cannot leave well enough alone. I enjoyed making the previous map andkalkamen had about an hour or two to blow today so i pulled out an old dungeon I ran a few friends through, like two decades ago. Slimmed it down a bit, made up the Risus stats and did a quick layout. I based this off the “One Page Dungeon Contest” over at Chgowiz’s blog. I had wanted to make a dungeon for the contest, but did not get a chance until today (my day ‘off’ here in Iraq) to throw one together. So though I did not get to enter it in the contest, I still think it is pretty cool how an entire dungeon can be thrown on a single page of paper. Toss in Risus rules, and hell, you got an entire module!

I must also say that this map and layout style was inspired by Rob Lang’s design he posted yesterday and inspired this whole mapping bingle (YOUR fault Rob!) Anyway, I hope he feels impersonating is the highest form of flattery. 😉

About Kal-Kamen was once a Royal retreat high in the mountains, far from prying eyes. Now hundreds of years later, it is abandoned but rumors float of treasure, and so people (some say “fools”) continue to arrive to venture through its dark, cold tunnels. It is a dangerous climb high up to the dungeon way up in the mountain, and no one knows what haunts the halls of the royal retreat now, but so far, no one has returned to talk of it. Will your team end up as the next victim?

Download: Ruins of Kal-Kamen (pdf)


5 thoughts on “The Ruins of Kal-Kamen!

  1. I left some comments for you about this on the Risus Tumblr blog. I hope they don’t sound too negative as I’d hate to discourage you. You make awesome stuff!

  2. It’s a super map. I think you’ve taken my style and added a load of effort onto it! It’s barely my fault. Your insanity is not down to my genetics. 😉

    Great work Snikle. You like to do more?

  3. Yeah, I have a very short attention span (my wife would say I lack the gene to give me any attention span whatsoever), so these one page dodads are perfect for me to work on.
    I actually really like the one you did and plan on working it into my upcoming Fantasy Risus game, going to drop one side of a goblin mafioso battle in there, should be funny watching the players react to nasty goblin hotties!

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