Zombie Tower!

In between the net going down and writing far too many documents on my time here in Iraq, I managed to watch a little TV yesterday. I was able to catch a little of the Dawn of the Dead remake, which i happen to think is actually pretty good. That got me inspired, and I have been itching to make another Risus One Page Dungeon. Once I got started, this just sort of all fell in place.

So here it is, another One Page Dungeon (I use the term loosely). This is a four story building in _______(fill in your town). Zombies Apocalypse has happened, your family and friends are gone. You stumbled through town and somehow managed to survive until the following dawn. You hear a strange noise and you sprint to save your life, ending up in the lobby of Zombie Tower!

Good old fashioned zombie horror in Risus!

Zombie Tower! (pdf) Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Zombie Tower!

  1. LOL I don’t know I still like the one you did, very very cool. And yes, I love the idea of Risus and One Page Dungeons, they just seem right together.

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