The Future

I caught a video showcasing a new controller idea that MS is working on called Natal. Essentially it take the Wii remote idea but now it tracks your entire body. Frankly, I think this is an awesome idea, and has implcations for use in other sections of business, not just games.

youtube video

The funniest part of this entire thing is that now hard-core gamers are complaining that they don’t like it and it is too immersive (read: I cannot get my fat butt to do those cool flips and karate moves that I can do with just a little controller!). And then there is a rash of gamers complaining how the mainstream has taken their game consoles away from them. LOL Yeah, a niche market has finally gone mainstream because it is a billion dollar industry, the companies responisble have realized how much money they can make by making things everyone likes, not just a few geeks sitting in their dark basements. 😉

We are now, that much closer to a real Holodeck. Cool, people, very cool.


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