First Risus session!

Whoohooo! Bryan was nice enough to run me through a little adventure today, early morning for him, late afternoon for me. Just a little short thing to get our blood flowing, been ages since both of us (I think him as well) had played anything. I threw the two previous characters together for a atypical old school fantasy and he spent a little time throwing some maps together. As we got together Keith stepped in and joined us for a bit.


We had been hired to guard a wagon filled with rum and just as we were about to head into a town named Welwyn,we were attacked by mad Kobolds! The chicken shit merchant ran off, whcih was fine, because Henley is the sort of fellow that would rather sell off the rum than guard it. Here you can see we were nearly surrounded! Henley immediately offered the Kobolds rum, to which all of them accepted minus one. ((Rolled poorly, but so did the kobolds! Used my Quick Witted and Fast Talking Scoundrel with the Luck of Forty Theives cliché.)) Brak pounded him with his hammer for not being polite and cb-2

accepting the brew ((used his Huge Musclebound Self-made Lord of the Plains of Karak)). As two started to get their fill of the brew, Gundaff stepped in with his bag and was able to produce a tray full of boiled lamb with all the fixin’s, to which all fell victim again, minus that one darned kobold who charged Brak. Brak let him have it on the chin with a solid whack from his hammer and sent him sprawling in the dust. The remaining kobolds drank and ate themselves until they passed out. We wrapped up and tied the three kobolds to our wagon. Decided that sinc ethe merchant ran for the hills, the remaining rum was, by default, ours now. And we continued on towards town, safe, happy, and soon to be a little richer.

cb-4A bit later we came to Welwyn and entered a tavern/inn called the Dented Coin that Henley had heard was a fine place to put the feet up, rest a bit, and he had heard it had some fine looking wenches to serve up the brew. This tale was proven to be very true as the one serving wench on duty was a fine hot babe ((good portrait Bryan!)). We found out that the town is fairly safe, and Henely hit on the wench a little to no avail.


A bit later the mayor came in, apparently news travels fast here in Welwyn as she had heard we had come to town and wanted to meet us. Seems the town has had a rash of robberies lately. She hired us to do the job of investigating the robberies and bringing the criminal to justice! HA! Perhaps she doesn’t know that Henely would probably do the exact same thing if given the chance. 😉 In addition, Henley haggled a good deal and sold the merchant’s rum for him….yeah, if we run into him again he will get his share…not.

All in all, maybe an hour and half of fun, really liked it. I really enjoyed how Risus just sort of hovers there in the background, allowing us to freeform and tell a story without any interference or need to check any rules. Makes for fun and fast play.  It was sort of neat how Risus faded into the background, as did MapTool, it really worked well together and complimented the game. I even drew out the really bad wagon in the images above using the MT drawing tools. I can really see using my Wacom tablet and drawing up some decent, on the fly, maps for a Risus game.  Thanks Bryan for a little fun!


3 thoughts on “First Risus session!

    1. Actually I use Fireworks for all my artwork. I would use MapTool to run the game if I used these however. Oh you meant for the game, yeah, Maptools, hehe guess I should read the reply a little closer. 😉

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