Risus Character Compendium: Brak & Henley

I was messing around today with a possibile impromtu game happening here in the next couple fo days where I may get the chance to play a few characters. So I needed a couple that I thought might  be fun to play simulatneously. My first thought was a Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser sort of team, but as this was a Risus game, I thought I needed to take it a step more in the outrageous direction. That idea came to become the duo listed below. Brak a strong muscled man with a heart of gold and his traveling companion Henley, a chubby, fast talking, happy-go-lucky hobbit.

Brak Svenson
Tall, short cropped blonde hair, handsome, ripping with muscles, able to run across the plains for hours, Brak prefers the outdoors and loves his oversized dual hammers…almost to a questionable point. As a child he had dreamed of becoming his people’s famous poet and retelling their tales of daring-do and saving the dasmels, however, a short stint in a slave pit changed all that and he learned to fight and kill, but he would rather be writting a poem than smashing in a head….unless a sexy lady is in need of saving.

Huge Musclebound Self-made Lord of the Plains of Karak(4)
Hopelessly Lovelorn Poet(3)
Excellently Skilled Horseman(2)
The Leader of the Slave Pit Slaves (1)

Henley Ribbontyre
A young and smallish hobbit with a a bit of a mead gut. He always wears a smile, is happy go lucky, looking for the next chance to strike it rich, a little witty and always checking out the ladies. Only time his attitude will change is when he realizes his friends are in serious danger. Would much rather be swindling a rich merchant out of his wagonload of goods than treking through a dark, damp dungeon and often finds himself on the lamb from the authorities in numerous lands.
Experienced Adventurer with Nibble Fingers and a Quick Blade(4)
Quick Witted and Fast Talking Scoundrel with the Luck of Forty Theives(3)
Can Drink Anyone Under the Table(2)
A Hapless Romantic with Boundless Love for the Ladies(1)


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