Oh lord, oh lord, why did I joined the Army? Part of the wonderful life of the Army is the constant change from one unit to another roughly every two to four year. As we are down to about four months left here some of us are starting to feel the heat of the change from one unit to another, by heat I mean that “Oh crap, I need to get in shape!”

So yesterday I talked to a guy from a special forces unit and he suggested I come to work with them. Now, of course, if you know me you are thinking “Yeah right” and so was I while he was talking, but he said my varied experience is exactly what they are looking for in a soldier. So now, I am scared. I need to get in shape if by soem weird chance I end up there, which is a possibility since is one of the main units on my next post. So following that conversation, I though, lord I need to get in shape. I had surgery a few years ago on my feet for scaring and nerve damage and well, it doesn’t allow me much running ability anymore, a little jogging, but not much. Since we lack a gym here, how to loose weight and get shape…..?

A ruckmarch! 20kilos? Not much weight right? Oh God, 20 kilos(44 pounds for us Americans) is allot of weight after about 20 minutes. Well I managed about an hour and a half, not sure how far I went, but it was a good half the post or so that I walked. So, yeah, I hate the Army…..


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