Risus Character Compendium: Wilferd & Liz

Next up, two characters for one of my personal favorite genres, Victorian England. These two would work well in a Victorian WhoDunit, a Sherlock Holmes or even a Victorian Cthulhu setting. I can certainly see Wilfred sitting at a table sipping tea, or dashing atop a horse chasing down a murderer as Liz as she surrounded by cultists and suddenly draws a saber and prepares to hack her way out of trouble (all while barely messing up her hair). So without further aduei: Wilfred and Liz!

Wilferd Harrison Harcourt
A young man with devilishly good looks. Given his status as a Naval Officer with a great family background, he is able to walk the halls with the best of society. However, he would much more rather to storming the dance halls and houses of ill repute. His families wealth and his high society name keeps him out of trouble and fixes anything he hurts, but some day his love of drink and women will catch up to him. Having caught the King in a compromising position in a whorehouse, he now has the King’s ear when he needs it.
Well Respected Naval Officer from a Wealthy High-Society Family(4)
Well Connected and Infamous Among the Lower Rungs of the City(3)
Has an Inroad to the King but Rarely Uses It(2)
Can Name Any Drink Just by a Glance and Can Drink Them All Too(1)

Mary Elizabeth “Liz” Barrington
With the looks that could stop a stampeding herd of cavalrymen and the personality to back it up, Liz is a formidable force on the high-society scene. Her connected and wealthy family allow her to live a reasonable worry free life, but that never sat well with her and she has continually pushed the envelope and gone out of her way to enter dangerous and entertain adventures (least she sees it that way).
Gorgeous, Intelligent and Adventurous Lady(4)
Knows Anyone Who is Anyone in London(3)
Secretly Trained by the Best in His Majesty’s Cavalry(3)


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