The Tomb of Galron Dor

galrondorA millennia ago the mighty Lord Galron Dor ruled the land. His tomb was lost to the ages, but the tales of his magical ruby continued in stories.  A group of brigands led by the scoundrel Ferkin Smird have managed to find the entrance, but failed to gain access to the inner tomb. Frustrated, he now sends his men out to terrorize the locals and steal what they can from them.

Another One Page Dungeon! Classic old shool gaming here. I wanted a little variety (and later struggled to get all the bad things to fit in the sideboard!) so I put a dungeon together that had been partially taken over by some brigands, but they had not cracked the inner seal and so all the old tomb’s guards are still intact. So while short, you still get a wide variety of monsters and baddies to fight. Added a slight bit of color in there as well.

As I was working on it Bryan came along and through some great ideas at me to help spice up the creatures! So a thanks goes out to  Bryan, your help certainly made it all the much better!

A note on the magic item in this, a simple dagger. I originally thought that players could use the magic item’s cliché instead of their own, but in this case, a simple Silver Dagger, I figure the player can just add the +2 to his die rolls when he uses the dagger with a cliché. I think this would be the easiest and fastest, and thus in the spirit of Risus.


Tomb of Galron Dor (pdf)


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