Risus Character Compendium: Will & Harry

Ok, today we go to one of my favorite times in history, Revolutionary America…the original colonies. I am working on a murder mystery session that takes time in this time period and well, I just cannot help making more people to populate the city. My game will be taking place in 1765 and that is roughly when these two fellows would be hanging about. Will is much more pro revolution while Harry would still feel strong kinship with the land of his parents.

William Robert Norrington
The Norrington’s have always been in the printing business for as long as anyone can remember and William does not deviate from the family history. His brother is a well known printer in Boston and William he has moved out to the country to find his fortune and establish a press in the region. As he started his business he came in contact with many various personalities of the colonies, among them many of the powerful personalities struggling to determine the future of the land, hence, he has become swayed to their side and has begun secretly printing anti-loyalist documents and helping to get the message out.
Intelligent Journalist with Masterful Skills on the Press(4)
Linguist Fluent in French, German and English(2)
Fearful of Superstitious Folklore(2)
Well Known Family with Connections Throughout the Colonies (2)

Harold Langdon
Robert came to the Colonies only a few years ago, but with no family wealth or name, he has had to forge his own path. This has caused him to be quite inquisitive and eager to explore the countryside and visit the various towns in the area performing odd jobs here and there to make a living. This has also taught him humility and respect for his fellow man, as well as a little bit of the faith as well.
Explorer Who Knows the Lands Like the Back of His Hand(3)
Jack of All Trades, Master of None(3)
Pathfinder with the Heart of Gold(2)
Amateur Presbyterian Pastor(2)


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