Risus Character Compendium: Cpt Shakespeare

SD-03424ROk so I was bored and watched a movie last night, 2007’s excellent Stardust. Sure the movie has some issues but it comes across as a sort of daydream to me, lots of neat ideas that normally would have no connection, just sort of thrown together in a romantic adventure story. However, it had the oh-so-important zepplin factor, and that makes it ultra cool in my book. The Captain of this zepplin is Captain Shakespeare (played by the awesome Robert De Niro), a bit of a feminine flake who is possing as a hardass pirate to keep his crew in line. When the Prince catches him dancing in lingerie, well, it is too funny. So I thought, hey, this guy is perfect for a Risus character! Chock full of clichés and even has a funny twist! Perfect.

So I went and drew him up as a Risus character, then did his skygalleon as well.  In fact, this movie may just inspire a game.

Captain Shakespeare
Captain Shakespeare has been on his skygalleon since before he first was able to crawl. His father was the most feared captain in all the lands and when he accidentally slipped on the wet deck and plummeted to his death miles below, Captain Shakespeare has carried on the family tradition of cruel and feared sky pirates who make most of their living by collecting lightning in the specially rigged nets attached to the galleon. To the Captain, his reputation is everything and he will go to great lengths to protect it.
Most Feared Reputation(5)
Been on a Skygalleon Since Before He Could Walk(3)
Always Been a Little Whoopsie(3)

Caspartine (Shakespeare’s skygalleon)
Captain Shakespeare’s family has owned the sky galleon since he first left port, trolling the dark skies and collecting lightning for sale in the many ports she stops in. Large enough to handle a crew of twenty, she rarely carries a crew of more than ten
Able to Weather Any Storm(5)
Wickedly Awesome Skygalleon(3)
A Most Remarkable Lightning Collector Net(3)


2 thoughts on “Risus Character Compendium: Cpt Shakespeare

  1. I’m glad that you make so much stuff for Risus. I enjoy reading your blog, and I love the maps and graphics you make.

    However I wish you would stick to a more purist Risus way of doing cliches. A Risus cliché is something you do, a role you have. It’s not something do can do, it’s not a skill. It’s not something you have, it’s not an item. So a Risus cliché should list a noun that tells about your role, so you can say: “I’m a…”. Not “I’m able to” or “I have a…”.

    Of course there is no wrong way to play Risus.

  2. Yeah, I guess this is the traditional gamer in me, I like my clichés more detailed than the atypical Risus cliché. I suppose I could try to be more of a purist. 😦

    This better?
    Captain Shakespeare
    Swashbuckling Skygalleon Captain with a Reputation(5)
    Whoopsie with a Heart of Gold(4)
    Well Known Chef(3)

    Caspartine(4) (Shakespeare’s skygalleon)
    I guess really you should just use the Teaming Up rule from the core Risus rules with the ship just adding any rolled 6s.

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