I was really keen on Aerocrom when I started working on it, I had thought that a whole bunch of ideas I had floating around my noggin had finally congealed and come together. So I dove head first into it, especially after Ashler, Bryan and Keith raved about it. I originally conceived Areocrom as a game setting for Risus that pulled together many different themes that I like, including steampunk, zepplins, and host of ideas I had borrowed from some good books I have read over the last two years.

I really like a good many of the ideas and themes in Aerocrom, but upon a later glance through it I realized this is not what I wanted and it started veering off in another direction as I attempted to shoehorn the various ideas into a completely serious game setting. That is not what I wanted and so I have decided to stop working on it and focus on something else. Something which actually shares many of the themes present in Aerocrom. So in effect, Aerocrom is not dead, just being reshaped into something else that I am hoping will turn into something much better, plus be a closer representation of what I actually wanted to make, and not the thing that Aerocrom turned into.

I worked on this for about two days off and on, most of the art is my own, minus the main title page and a few pieces inside. The layout spread is a reworking of a free SVG graphic I found online, but besides that, it is all mine all mine. So since I am longer working on this, I figured I would throw it up here for you to view, never know, might give some people some ideas for their own games.

Aerocrom (pdf)


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