Lavinlore: Actual Play (Risus)

So I managed to get two friends together online to play a sort of impromptu game tonight. As I stated before I wanted to do something very unique and not cookie cutter fantasy D&D sort of thing, so I have this idea for a setting that I am calling Steamwerks & Klokwerks (related to, but not the same as, steampunk). The idea is allot of the influences of Aerocrom are sliding over to this setting with a healthy dose of some fantasy elements. Oh, and throw in some flintlocks too.

My decision to run this game was twofold. I am tired of planning, yet ever actually playing and I figure it we just get started, take that first step and I figure it will be easier next time. Secondly, I am way more creative when I am working toward/for something, so I figure if I am working on the next session, I will work a little harder on getting it right and continuing to work on it.

So with only two players, new guys that I have not played with previously but talk to frequently we set out. I had a small, short encounter in mind and knew we would not get too far in this session, so I wanted to just drop a hint at what lay ahead.


We spent about 10 minutes as the guys made their characters, set up their tokens (and all marveled at how cool MapTool was to use. So easy and quick, many thanks to RPTroll for the Risus Frameset. We started off with our two heroes off on a date, trying to impress their women with a picnic at “The Wall” that divides their town’s surrounding. The girls dared the boys to climb the wall and see what was on the other side (no one they knew had ever spoke of what lies on the other side). They offered up a kiss as a reward for whom got to the top first. As they climbed, the wall crumbled and part of it fell along with them. A small portion still remained and they toppled it easily. Reveling a field and a forest on the other side, a small path leading into the trees. They sensed they were being watched, and heard some noises in the forest, but nothing seemed to dangerous, and so they ventured forward. A shooting star ripped across the sky and one of the girls told Ashler that she would marry his character if he was able to bring back the falling star to her. He of course, agreed to this task. LOL

A few moments later, some scared goblins came pouring out of the forest, clearly with something on their tails. The trees were knocked out of the way and a large, 18 foot tall monster that quickly scooped up a goblin and ripped the top half of its body off in a single bite. It barreled on towards the players. They got a few shots off with little effect. Then suddenly another thing burst from the forest, a large and loud mechanical walker of sorts with cannon (like the old pirate kind) in place of its arms. It blasted off a shot or two while the beast closed and the two began brawling it out.


Then Ashler and Alex continued to pound their guns at the monster while it slowly whittled the mechanical beast down. And then it was to turn for the worst! Two more monsters appeared from the woods and began eating goblins on their way to the players. Luckily, the mechanical beast had brought backup as well and another one stepped form the forest, sounding volleys off at the monsters.


Things were certainly not looking good as Ashler used a double pump to enable him to have a chance of surviving the assault.  He rolled well and managed to cause some damage to the monster. However,  the monster was able to destroy the mechanical ones and then began to turn on Alex and Ashler.

From above them suddenly a rope ladder appeared, looking up it came from a floating dirigible with a wooden ship hanging beneath it. A man leaned over and told them to climb up if they wanted to live.

The two climbed up and began getting questioned by the captain, while behind them the crew members stalked up behind them. A net was dropped on them and they were disarmed very quickly. Now becoming prisoners of the mysterious gasbag crew who steered the gasbag off to the west. Looking over the to wall to the east, the world seemed dead and without civilization as all.

It was a short session, maybe 1.5 to two hours all told, set up, drawing the map, entering the players, and playing. I certainly had forgotten and had to relearn everything I knew about MapTool. While we chatted and the players created their tokens for the game I drew up the entire map for the session. Nothing seriously creative mind you, but damn, I made a map in like 10 minutes. That included drawing in the Fog of War and visibility settings, yeah show me another program that does that as well as MapTools. Trevor and crew certainly has added allot to the program. All in all it was a decent session, I am still a little uncomfortable with Risus and where to cross the story-telling line with the RPG (mechanics) line and come out with a happy medium. I am very close to returning to Savage Worlds at the moment, but maybe I am just tired, I will give it a few more sessions before I seriously think of that again.

One comment on MapTool, I had created the monster and GearCog tokens before hand and saved them. When I needed to use the I simply drug them from the library on to the map. Freaking awesome. I had full stats, tokens, and portraits in mere seconds. I can see a GM creating a huge library they can drag and drop at a whim for their games. Wow, very powerful stuff.


8 thoughts on “Lavinlore: Actual Play (Risus)

  1. That was a great movie! I loved the ideas of mixtures of various fantasy and steampunk. The bottled lightening was a fun idea as well.

  2. I am not giving up on Risus yet. I still think it has merit and is a great system, I just think that perhaps I like a little more depth at times in my system.

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