Risus Character Compendium: Dora the Explorer & Boots the Monkey (Guest Post)

Hello all,  guest-poster Crazybear here.  I have a one and half year old daughter that loves all things Dora the Explorer, so I get to watch it all the time.  Since I watch it frequently, I began to think of it like a role-playing game.  I can definately see the potential of a kiddy RPG based around Dora and her adventures.  She is all the time solving puzzles or riddles, going up against trolls and other baddies, and traveling to some destination.  In honor of this, I give you the Risus version of Dora the Explorer and Boots her monkey companion.

Dora and Boots!

Dora the Explorer

Adventurous Explorer (4)
Animal loving Bi-Lingual Teacher (3)
Magical Backpack always containing the right stuff (2)
Magical Map that always knows the way (2)
Boots the Monkey
Curious Monkey (4)
Clever Hide and Seeker (3)
Super-cool Boots (3)
I had a difficult time with Dora simply because I thought about making her Backpack and Map seperate in order to give her more room for cliches.  However, in the end, they never really function without her, so I thought just adding them as part of her cliches would be best.
If you have never watched the show, you should!  It is funny a lot of the time and great for a girl just starting to learn how to do things!

4 thoughts on “Risus Character Compendium: Dora the Explorer & Boots the Monkey (Guest Post)

  1. LOL Awesome! I love it. Though I can tell you now, a certain someone is going to come along and tell you that clichés are things you ARE not things you HAVE. But honestly, I cannot see another way to do her stuff, which is an integral part of who she is, without making it a cliché she has.
    Mayhaps: A little girl who has a magical backpack that always contains the right stuff(2)???

    Good stuff though, thanks for the guest post!

  2. i was starting to presume i might possibly end up being the sole young man who thought about this, at least at present i acknowledge i’m not outlandish 🙂 i am going to make it a point to look at a few other articles right after i get a bit of caffeine in me, it is very hard to read without my coffee, I was really late last night practicing zynga poker and after drinking a few ales i wound up losing all my zynga poker chips take care 🙂

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