Vin Diesel makes a funny

Besides being ‘One of Us’ Vin Diesel is a pretty decent guy and I enjoy most of his movies (notice I did not say that he makes great movies, just that I can usually enjoy them). He makes no excuse for his D&D playing ways and while I no longer play D&D, I can surely appreciate the fact that he makes no bones about howmuch he liked/likes the game and what it did for him. It was always about imagination and the creativity for me, which he he stated here as well.
Here is Vin Diesel on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross:

I can feel where he is coming from because I have too often felt that “are you a satan worshipper” glare from people out there that are just not informed about role-playing games. I think it is a sad statement on our society when after almost 30 years people are still saying that people that play RPGs are satan worshipers. Role-playing games are simply an exercise in creativity, one that makes children spread their wings and say “What if…” I would love to see a study on creativity and intelligence done with kids who game and those that do not. Heck, even a study on teenagers and what effect gaming has on how often they get in trouble, do drugs, drink, etc. For me as a teenager, while kids my age were out drinking and sampling drugs, my friends and I were knee deep in another campaign. Nerds, right? But seriously, I think that gaming kept many in my group from being trouble and doing crap we should not have been doing and I always say that part of the reason I am smart (so they keep telling me) and creative (some might question that statement as well) is solely because of my gaming experience.


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