One Page Dungeons

Think I will start calling these “One Page Adventures” instead of Dungeons, since technically, many are not dungeons at all. So I am starting to think of the next one I want to do and I have a couple ideas. I figured I would troll for suggestions. So if you have an idea, something you want to see, let me know, or tell me which of the following you would like to see:

  • Crashlanding site of an alien spaceship
  • Military research facility over run with an experiment
  • An old haunted house (maybe two levels)
  • An old Watch Tower
  • The Crossing (a stone bridge over a deep chasm
  • TunnelWorks (large sewer pipes that need to be cleaned out)
  • The Derelict Scuttle (a space ship found floating in the darkness)
  • The SPider Cavern of Grinlok

Any ideas? Send them my way!


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