The original Kal-Kamen

Messing around on my hard drive tonight I came across the original files that I made…probably nearly twenty years ago. I think I made the map on Paint Shop Pro, but could have been Paint or something. Below is a scan of the original document. Some of the parts ended up being in the One Page Dungeon that I made based off this: the balcony, the dragon nests, and the deep chasm that was to serve as a means for the party to get to the lower levels (which I never made).

Anyway, I thought some who enjoyed the One Page Dungeon version of Kal-Kamen might enjoy seeing where it all came from…almost two decades ago. I remember taking some friends through this dungeon long ago, and I remember when the dragon skeleton in room 13 pulled itself together and rose out of the straw that litered the room. It was a most terrifying moment in gaming and the player had thier characters flee as fast as they could. I think in the end I reduced the dragon to almost nothing so they could defeat it without killing off any characters at all. I am such a nice guy.


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