Iran, Twitter, and the U.S.

I stated a while back that I did not understand, nor think, Twitter was important. Wow, how wrong I was. I was finally able to catch some news moments ago and I am stunned. I guess you could say that America is helping fuel the protests in Iran since Twitter is an American company. You go Twitter. Who would have thought some little start up ‘niche’ service like Twitter would end up helping fuel a revolution! Fucking-A, rock the world, Twitter!

That said I am seriously disappointed with our government’s official response to the Iranian protests. I predicted a few years ago when the shit was bad in Iraq that IF Iraq can come together a form a real democracy with REAL freedoms it would have a massive impact on this region. When women realize they do not have to suffer the indignities they do here in the Islamic world (those stupid ass veils they wear, mutilation, beatings, stoning, etc), they would rise up and force change here. When the oppressed youth realized that someone living right across their border is enjoying a radio station playing whatever they want and eating at a McDonald’s, they would demand change, and as their generation grew in age and power, those changes would come. THAT is what I think President Bush really saw when we came to Iraq, maybe he thought there were WMD (no doubt told so by our intelligence networks), maybe God told him he could help save millions of people in the future, not today, but millions down the road.
2_68_061609_IranCrowdsClearly the American people support those Iranian people being oppressed right now. Do we see eye to eye with them? Probably not, but damn it freedom is freedom! and everyone should be free. I understand there are huge implications if we take a stand, but wasn’t that what made America great? Obama’s statement of “stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people” at the Iranian leadership just isn’t cutting it with me. If he got up there and said “The American people, indeed its government, will not stand for the oppression of people demanding freedom!” I might stand the fucker. Hell, I might vote for him next time.
Now, someone will say that I have claimed before that America should stay out of the rest of the world, and they would be correct. I do think we should not be POLICING the world. I did not say invade Iran and force democracy upon them. All we need to do is take a stand and they will see they are not alone in the world. Why are afraid to take a stand? These people are risking their lives to get their voices heard, why do you think they are all over Twitter? They are begging the rest of the world for help, to see if they are alone or if they have friends. They are no looking for us to sweep in and save the day, they are simply looking for the world to apply pressure and help their voices be heard so they can fix their own country.

They are screaming for freedom. They want it badly enough that thousands are defining the cruel government and risking their lives. Just a few years ago we were applauding the Iraqis who came to vote for doing this exact thing. Why now are we so silent. Oh yea, Obama thinks he can still talk to the leaders in Iran and get change. You want change? Stand with the Iranian people. Speak the minds of the American masses. Tell the world what we think. Show them you can be a leader. Few months ago we you all about standing up and saying that America had fallen off the high moral path that our forefathers had taken. Now is your chance to get us back on there. President Bush set this up (if you think for one minute that those Iranian students never looked west and saw the freedoms that Iraqi enjoy, especially the Kurds who have many many brothers across the border and communicate on a regular basis with, and that had nothing to do with this current situation….well, I got a pyramid in Illinois I want to sell you). Now is our chance to capitalize on all the blood and money we have shed here.

Obama, I call for you to stand up and stand for freedom as all Americans do. Take a stand, make a change, and the American people will follow you.


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