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Aliens. Space Marines (sort of). Guns. Death.   What could be better?

threesixteen-cover.indd Nothing. Well, maybe if we throw in some zombies, then it would score 100% in my book. As is, I give it 4 out of 5.

I stumbled upon this game at the story games forum and have read a few reviews a while back and for some reason it really did not get my interest going at all. Not sure why but the other day I wandered back and started reading more and listening to some podcasts. For some reason, this time, it clicked.
I found 3:16 CARNAGE AMONGST THE STARS and have since read the book twice. Coming in at 96 pages, this is really something for me.

First of all it is about the military, which I am a part of. Listening to the podcasts I can say that many a person’s stereotypical soldier/grunts is probably more dead on that they know. I guess Hollywood really does a decent job presenting us like we really are. 😉 So the idea of over-macho soldiers who worship their guns and clean them constantly, are always pissed at their stupid commanders and the dumb decisions they make, and are constantly wanting to shoot something. Yeah, we got that.

Here in the game, that is THE.POINT. So here we get to blatantly over stereotype the military. Possibility, this could prove to be more humorous for me than for the players.

Secondly, if is freeform enough to allow a huge amount of freedom for players to experiment with taking the characters, and indeed, the very setting where they want to go. They want their character to loose an arm and get it replaced with a bionic arm? Cool. They hate their squad leader and want to blow his head off? Can do. Always wanted to have a character that set 47 furry aliens on fire and watched them run around insanely screaming in agony? Yep, we got your number right here.

In some of the Actual Play threads I have read and the Podcasts I have listened to, the players embraced this in an awesome way and open up and let their imaginations roam and explore. The effect looks to be a huge open and creative situation where players can break free of the normally quite structured gaming and let their minds wander. Will it include crude jokes and allot gore? Yeah, probably, but isn’t that sort of expected in a uber-violent game about war and exterminating all life on planets to protect your home world? I mean, really, would you expect less?


I am hoping the very large crew (six players!) I have lined up for this are ready for this sort of craziness because it really sounds like a blast! To prepare for it, I went and fished around the net for a bit today and found some art I liked and then spiced it up a little to fit the setting a little more. So without further adieu, here is the Noxious Death, the Drop Ship the 3rd Squad, 2nd Platoon uses to get down to their probable death!


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