Epic Fail.


Call it what you want, I call it



5 thoughts on “Epic Fail.

  1. Yeah, when BSG ended I was pretty bummed. Crapica is right, the preview I saw looked like a soap opera.

    And actually Brennen, I disagree. SciFi hasn’t really had too good of a run lately, so this logo is a dumb idea, much like many of the movies and choices this channel has made.

  2. I attempted to watch that Wizard of Oz re-envisioning, but anyone who hires Zooey Deschanel is either deaf, dumb, blind, or retarded….or possibly all four. The show, and her acting, was so terrible I had to struggle to watch it.
    Other than Ghost Hunters, which is only good to watch and see how many times you can poke holes in their ‘investiagtion’, there is no other reason for this channel to exist.

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