Whoa, a glimpse at the future

This is simply stunning. Using this hand held thing with a screen, they are able to create virtual reality right in front of you that reacts to your actions. Imagine putting his on some of those video glasses people are using on planes now, it would be full immersion in the real world. My mind is overflowing with ideas on how to apply this to modern day use: medical, education, pilots. etc.

I love how they took putting Skittles on the game area into part of the game, that is freaking awesome.

Ok, imagine putting on your shades, they have small bluetooth receiver/transmitters built in and are relaying infor to the web via your cellphone. As you look through your shades, they can give you updates on a HUD for directions, a rain storm that is approaching (“You have 7 minutes to seek shelter before the storm hits”), a just announced sale on that book you want at the store around the corner, etc. And all this would move with you and be tracked visibily on the shades. So as you turned and looked left, those things on the right side of the street would slide out of your view.

Course that is just a commercial aspect. You could have a game where you put on shades, you friend does too, then you merely walk around your neighborhood and storm troopers jump from behind trees and attack you. You raise your hand, a lightsaber appears in it and you start swinging away at them. Beside you, your friend does the same and you both battle the imaginary troopers, the system responding to your actions and attacks. By combining the real world (allowing you to walk, run, jump WITH YOUR BODY instead of a controller) you would be able to make the game very interactive, yet with the virtual reality, you could make all manner of cool things happen.

Sometimes I think I was born 40 years too early, can you imagine what our children will see when they are our age?


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