1PageAdventures: The Spider Caves of Grinlok

The Spider Caves of Grinlok is the first of hopefully a series of adventures that are stripped down to their basics and provide a template or skeleton that other GMs can use when in need of a quick adventure. Each will be confined to the limits of one page (or perhaps both sides of a single page of paper and should contain enough details that any GM worth his weight in goblin guts will be able to run a gaming session using the details provided. For now, most will be done up for Risus as it is easy, fast and simple (and only needs a few words to describe a creature and its abilities), but that may change in the future. I would suspect there will be some Savage Worlds 1PageAdventures down the line.

So without further adieu….

The Spider Caves of Grinlok!


Recently there has been trouble afoot in Grinlok! Prior to your arrival spiders had attacked outlying farms and then a few day ago a suddenly a group of Gobers began attacking merchants along the roads and last night even got brave enough to hit a house on the edge of the town. Along with a few valuables in the house, the Gobers ran off with the mayor’s daughter Miranda and now he is frantic and at his wit’s end.  The people are nervous, the people are scared, and the people are looking for someone to help them!

Lucky for them you and your friends are in town and ready to do great things and make a name for yourself…well, actually you are quite down on your luck and frankly the town’s offer of free room and board for a month and 100 gold sure sounds good right now.

The Spider Caves of Grinlok (pdf)

The Spider Caves of Grinlock (gif)


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