Review: Day by Day Armageddon

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Just finished this book. I will admit I bought it because 1) it deals with zombies and 2) it was written by someone in the military and since I am too, I gotta support him. 😉

bookJ.L. Bourne I believe is in the Navy, but that is not really important. Here he has written a zombie survival book with an interesting and quirky twist: it is written in journal format by the survivor of the first five or so months. It is pretty neat, nothing seriously new here, just a good jaunt about a man struggling to come to terms with the world falling apart around him. Some good stuff here with some interesting hints of things to come, and the ending is somewhat aburpt (the author is working on a sequel). The places the narrator (journalator? journalee? journalist?) takes shelter are very interesting, and places I never thought of before. I love the zombies under the water (he just hints at them here), the idea that the zombies can survive underwater (duh, why I never realized this before is beyond me and certainly something I will remember when the zombie-apoc hits us). Some the ideas he comes up with are new and the angle in which they are written only adds to the feeling you are seeing something different.

The best part of this book however, is the the short entries. Given my hectic and sometimes unknown circustances I live with right now, this book was perfect. I was able to pick it up, read for 10-15 minutes, then move on to something else. Yeah, reading here can be a pain, but this book was ideal for this situation.

Certainly not an earthshattering book or anything, but if you are a lover of zombies, or just looking for some fun, easy summer reading. I certainly suggest this book.


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