3:16 – Assualt on Degas, session 2

We set up for our second session, one new player joined us and took over a character for another player who had to go on vacation (the nerve!) this week (have fun Ash!)

Well, here I am in Iraq, my Internet is sucking (I am starting to realize the Kurds know zero about running a network) and so I had to jump on the free wireless. And as can be expected, free wireless sucks…well, it sucks bad. I was able to connect to IMs and get MapTool running well (thanks again trevor!) This internet problem would later surface and completely affect the game….so watch for it. 😉

This time we had:

  • Sergeant Locke – Bryan (Religious Zealot)
  • Cpl. Adams – Alex (Weird, Morbid & Strange) female 😉
  • Trooper Jax – Rob took over for Amaril (Arrogant hotshot)
  • Trooper Lars – I stepped in for Ashler (The Cocky Jock that took to many steroids)

We had been using Ventrilo to VOIP and at this point we realized it was not going to work due to the lag I was experiencing, I would stop talking and 5 minutes later they would hear me stop talking….isn’t Iraq fun? So we switched to solely chat in MapTool.


We picked up right where we left off, the LT calling down and demanding an update. I was feeling a little nice and the LT offered to send a resupply ship with new armor for the squad as the rest of the squads were getting their asses handed to them and SGT Locke’s squad might  need the extra help. Also the squad healed one of their wounds, as per the rules.

So the crew geared up and headed back in, the sgt ordering them to use their Mandlebrite armor’s jet boosters to shoot up the stairwell. A great plan and creative use of the freedom this game offers. They were able to get to the 24th floor (if I remember right) of the 29, where the ambassador is trapped. Again the players’ creative juices were flowing and they came up with the movement trackers so they could check behind the door that blocked their way. An NFA check showed that there was movement behind the door, looking to be the aliens and the group deemed explosives and gunfire were the way too go. Unfortunately the player reading the motion detector failed his NFA, so there were allot of humans on the other side. A classic “Ooops” was uttered by the group and we continued. Then we discovered that the blast also took out the oozes attached to the backs of their heads (me interjecting to make the players not feel so bad, ooops). As the group continued the team was attacked as the ‘dead’ oozes sprang to life and attacked the group.

The fight went badly as nearly everyone, aliens included, seemed to fail roll after roll after roll. It was actually kind of annoying how every kept failing. 🙂  Finally, when everyone failed and the aliens succeeded, and the new player Rob could see bad stuff was about to happen (read: people would die), he sprang forth with a Strength! Playing off the character’s reputation of “Arrogant hotshot”, he came up with a dashing display of toughness and saved the team with a great Flashback (which I cannot remember off the top of my head….getting old sucks).

All in all the game went well, took a little longer than I liked because we are still checking a few rules here and there, I had to play a character due to shortage of players, and we had one new player we needed to explain a few rules to here and there. However, the real killer for me on this game was our inability to use Ventrilo for chat, I really noticed a serious lack of “Awesome!” in this session because of the sidebar chatter, jokes, and general silliness was lacking…I think because of the lack of voice and having to use just MapTool’s text chat.

Also, I think I was leading the squad to much, instead of letting them run with it and steer the game. This is just me hanging on to my trad-gamer back ground. Guess I am still learning. 😉

On a cool note, our new player is going to run this game at a 4th of July party this weekend…if the alcohol does not make him forget the entire session. He is promising a battle report of this game. I suspect it will play exceptionally well at an in-person game, especially one where liquor is involved.


2 thoughts on “3:16 – Assualt on Degas, session 2

  1. “Back in basic training, where Jax got his reputation for being an arrogant hotshot, he had done one of the craziest actions any cadet could do, he ran headlong right into the enemy team and right through them! Emerging on the other side he turned and blasted away at their backs. Very foolish, but also very aggressive.”

    Or something to that effect… 🙂

    It was great fun even without the VoIP, but I can definitely understand how much better it would have been with it. You know what would making it even a little bit cooler? If we had some software that would make it sound like we were really talking over some sort of radio comm device. How cool would that be?!

    Anyway, I will make a definite effort to try to remember to record our session. Of course that is assuming that everyone is up for the game. If I can’t get them to buy off on it, I won’t have anything to report. 😦

  2. I considered finding the gunfire sound from the movie Aliens and every time one of you rolled FA I was going to sound it off, but I could not find a good recording of the sound effect (very distinct and you would recognize it when you heard it). I thought it would make for a neat effect over Ventrilo and help add to the atmosphere.
    I wonder if this might work:

    On a related topic, a game I recently read octaNe openly suggests playing rock n roll music in the background to help add to the atmosphere of the game. I remember doing this once when we played some cyberpunk game (forget the name now) and the GM Brett played a bunch of “Yes” in the background…made for an interesting game.
    Plus it cemented for me the fact that I REALLY hated Yes. 😉

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