The Puppies in the Hotel

dogWell, my family has gone on a trip and as we have two dogs and all of our close friends that used to babysit for us when we travel have moved. So the wife checked out a dog hotel place in town and they happen to have a webcam ability so you can spy on what your mutts do while they are in the hotel. Mine are the two black ones in the middle of the room, Pepper the black lab and older dog, and Maddie the ……hell, no one seems to know….sitting down to her left.

dog1Honestly, this is awesome, I mean I am on the other side of the world and have not seen my puppy in two months, so I am missing her pretty bad. Needless to say, I have spent far too much time watching the webcam feed today. Really, i think I will install webcams at my house, I can see what those furry family of mine do while I am at work. To the right is both dogs getting some needed love from the worker.

dog2Here again, Pepper getting that love she needs. We are pretty close to our pets and we acknowledge the fact that they, along withour kids, are pretty spoiled. Pepper wouldn’t know what “going without” means, be it in reference to a soft couch to sleep on, or a yummy snack to eat. No dog lives better. 😉

It has been an interesting process really, with the new dog Maddie. The family bought her the day I left for my deployment, so they have had months to integrate her into the family, without me being a part of that. When I went home, we were really worried that she would not like me, but she took immediately to me and she even slept with me the last few nights I was home on R&R.


Watching these videos (yeah, you can even stream the video!) and photos is pretty interesting. Rarely does a person get to see 10+ dogs interact at once and you can see they are clearly herding (or pack, whatever) animals in the way they move around. One thing that is clearly apparent, Maddie loves Pepper. She will follow her around, take cues from her, and is generally her shadow. Here you can see that in action as Maddie follows Pepper to check what is going on. Like a little and big sister. It is pretty cute watching them interact.

Course, now it just makes me want to go home more. 😦


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