Review: American Saturday Night-Brad Paisley


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One of my favorite music artists released his latest album this last week and I snagged up a copy as soon as iTunes and my crappy Iraqi internet connection would allow. Now, I might be a little biased, but Brad kicks total country ass where music is concerned.  I love his down to earth, humorous approach, and hysterical matter-of-fact attitude in life. His last album, 5th Gear was good, probably one of his best. This album is a perfect match for it, several instantly classic songs that you want to learn the words and sing along with. I don’t know how Brad does it, but man this guy is good. If he manages to stay around for another 20 years, putting music out like this, he will be a god of country, someone everyone knows, and someone who will influence generations of country music artists.

I certainly recommend this album, very good, somewhat lighthearted, but easy listening and easy to get the words stuck in your head, easy to sing along, easy to like. There are a few instrumentals, I am not fond of instrumentals too much, but I have read how Brad is just a lover of playing music, so I understand why they are there. These are not bad or anything, but I like Brad’s talent at words probably more than his skill with a guitar, so I prefer his singing songs. 😉

Brad has another winner on his hands. Again. Great job Brad!

A few of the stand out songs:

  • Anything Like Me – A great song about being a dad, no doubt I am sure inspired by his own real life experiences being a dad. The addition of his own son singing the last word was brilliant and if it doesn’t put a little tear in your eye as a smile appears on your lips, well, I don’t think you are human. Probably my favorite on the album.
  • Welcome to the Future – A good smart and witty song about growing up and how the world has changed in the last 100 years or so.
  • Water – Another fun song, should be played loud driving your car (or better yet  truck) with the windows down zooming down a dirt road, green trees zooming by.
  • You Do the Math – A great love song, Brad style. Seriously this guy knows how to come up with interesting ways to say I love you, give me a chance!
  • No – A real heartbreaker of a song about how God answers all prayers but sometimes he has to say “No”. A great song that makes me think of sitting in a big grass field over looking rolling hills with grandpa (something I never got to do) and listening to him talk about growing up and what life taught him.
  • Catch All the Fish – a hilarious romp about hanging with the boys, drinking beer and catching the fish and forgetting the rest of the world. Certainly another “I am man” classic from Brad.
  • The Pants – Excellent excellent song. Being in the Army I hear this all the time, the ‘I am the man!” talk from guys, saying they rule their house, the wife does their bidding….yeah right. So this song is great from my point of view, a sort of calling them out and saying “yeah right sucker”
  • I Hope That’s Me – A typical Brad love song, nothing too special, and nothing we have not heard before, but that doesn’t matter. Brad is me, Brad is you. He has been exactly where every guy in the world has been, he knows what it is like to love some lady from afar and be afraid to tell her, to open your heart and speak your mind, and be afraid of getting shot down. He knows real life and lucky for us he likes to share with us.

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