Colonial Gothic

Colonial_Gothic_RevisedA blog I follow recently posted a review of a RPG called Colonial Gothic. It was a review of a previous version of the game, and perhaps not so glowing a review. I posted a quick comment, merely stating that I would have to stay clear of this rpg. Well, one of the people at the company behind the RPG contacted me and offered a free copy of the newly revised rules.

Now, I am not one to pass on a free copy of game, but in later conversation with this pleasent fellow it turns out he is an Army brat and was more than happy to provide me with the free copy (even though I still think it was an accident that I was contacted in the first place). Be that as it may, I am going to take it upon myself to really do a good review of this revised version and do my best to run at least one session of the game, to give it that full review sweep.

So, along with the fact that I have always loved the Revolutionary War period (and the previous Colonial Period) and always thought that this is an overlooked period in our history…most often a quick glance over in favor of the Civil War in our school classrooms, I am very excitted to read through this, especially since I have read previously read that it contains a wealth of historical information. On top of that, I have longed for about a year or two to run a Colonial America rpg. This one is supposed to have some supernatural aspects to it as well, which is right up my alley.

Thanks again to the crew at for providing me a free copy of the game, hopefully I have a good review of the game and perhaps can finally get that Colonial American horror game going!


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