Collin Powel, maybe a moron?

powell_colinYou know, I used to respect this guy, now, hell, I think he is a moron. Do us a favor and listen to your wife and do not run for any office!

Sonia Sotomayor[…]shouldn’t be condemned for ruling against white firefighters who contended they suffered reverse discrimination.

Are you kidding me??

Now, before you all jump to conclusions (so prominent in our society today) and say I am a racist or some other nonsense, let it be known that I wanted HIM to run for President and would have voted for him. I am so glad now that he did not. He seems to be showing his true colors more and more as time goes on.

Racism is racism. There is no such thing as reverse racism. Let’s get that straight right now. If I am given prejudicial preference it is racism. If a black guy is, it is racism. If a hispanic is, it is racism. If an alien is, it is racism. It does not matter who does it, where it is done, it is racism. She ruled for racism! And now she wants to be at the very pinnacle of judiciary office.

Aren’t we supposed to be the land of fairness and equality? How’s about we make the playing field equal? Hell my team here in Iraq has two LTCs and a MSG (ie all the senior leadership on the team) that are all black. So I don’t want to hear about someone had more options available to them growing up. I call bullshit. The Army is always hiring, you are struggling and cannot figure out how to escape whatever shit hole you are living in? Buck up, suck it in, and join the fraking military!

I love it when I tell people that and they get all flustered about it, but that means joining the Army, or the Navy, or the Marines! GASP! Oh my God. Sometimes when you find yourself in a shithole, YOU have to suck it up and figure a way out. Not really that hard, go sign your name, raise your hand…boom. Done.

Anyway, back to her. I do not care about her being hispanic, she could be an elephant for all I care, but she is supposed to make rulings based on THE LAW. Not based on her being a woman, a hispanic, coming from a poor home, being an elephant…. When your job is making decisions, you should be judged on those decisions you make. Clearly, she IS a racist who thinks she is better than “some old white guy.” Frankly, I don’t want her, or her racist ideas in my Supreme Court.

We still have a problem,” [Collin Powel] said.

Yeah, it is called you cannot figure out which party you want to belong to.


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