Google OS

News has surfaced that Google is working towards an OS, targeting specifically netbooks, that runs everything via a browser type interface. I think this is a great way to go, I use many of Google’s web applications nearly everyday (though you will notice I use WordPress for blogging since I feel blogger blows). I especially like the Google Docs application, and I have been using Google Groups to organize a gaming group for a few weeks now.

I am hoping they can be successful in thier goal, beyond just making a better OS (I think Google has the ability pull this off), it also fosters compeition, which would be excellent in the MS and Apple dominated markets. This OS will be predominantly for web based applications, probably about 75% of what I use my compluter for, so it may not work perfect for me. However, if it gains in pupularity, we will surely see companies such as Adobe (I think there is already evidence that the community that like Adobe also favors Google) working their popular programs rewritten for GoogleOS.

Read more here:
Google Chrome OS

Also, do I need to remind everyone of my prediction?

Google = Skynet


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