Duck and Cover

File-DuckandCoverHere is a public safety video from the 50’s and is pretty funny to watch nowadays. My mother and father were growing up in the 50s and I wonder if they saw these films. I find it funny that now watching audiences find these PSA’s to be insanely silly and I wonder what things from my generation will be looked upon as silly in hindsight (Michael Jackson’s glove, jacket and monkey notwithstanding…parachute pants certainly would make the list).

180px-D_and_cAs we can all be certain, monkeys have again played their part in our desctruction! Here we are shown that monkeys are causing the atomic bomb detonations. There must be many monkeys in communist Russia, I was not aware of this, and yet, here again they are the enemy, damned monkeys! I like the ‘Remember, when you see the flash, duck and cover fast!” bit, as if you would have enough time from seeing the flash before you were roasted alive, or mortally sunburned, or suffered for days and died from radiation. I will stand proud and bask in this new sun that our wonderful scientist have created. I do not want to survive it, but hey, maybe that is just me. Now, if the bomb somehow created zombies, hell, sign my ass up, I got a war against the undead to execute!

Is it me, or does the chap leading the female teenager to ‘safety’ looks suspicious (around 4:40), and then the next shot is him leading her into a building, arm wrapped interestingly around her shoulders. Yeah, he is going to make sure she is safe. “Ask an older person” indeed.

Paul and Pattie are some resourceful kids if you ask me, though Paul is surely going to push Pattie in the way of the blast if push comes to shove…if his actions at 6:15 are any measure. He nearly rips through Pattie in an effort to protect his own ass and get under the cover of the wall. And that Tony chap, he is one smart fellow, jumping to that wall! Course that nice Civil Defense worker, he just gets Tony up and sends him on his way, right after the bomb goes off! The insanity! Doesn’t he realize Tony is just a kid and could not survive on his own, yet he sends him out (no doubt to feed the zombie hunger so the guy can save his own ass).

Jingle is pretty catchy though, I wonder if kids were humming “Duck and Cover” as they ran into the shelters during drills.

Fun fact: According to the United States Library of Congress (which declared the film “historically significant” and inducted it for preservation into the National Film Registry in 2004), it “was seen by millions of schoolchildren in the 1950s.”

Just remember what Bert does!

Duck and Cover!!


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