Review: The Zombie Hunters


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Follow this team of zombie hunters as they go through life as survivors of the undead outbreak, earning their keep by collecting salvage, gladly trading the freedom of the wastes for the safety of the Argus Research Campus…

jennyThis is a pretty cool web comic, at times though the artist Jenny Romanchuk can be a bit inconsistent as her style of art swings from detailed normal comic appearance to almost, no, definitely Manga at times. It follows a group of survivors who venture out into the wasteland (damn it! there is is again, I just need to get off my ass and write my rpg setting I have been calling “wasteland” for the last like five years!!). They search for resources to bring back to a secure island they live on.

On the island are humans that are infected, but not turned yet, which is certainly an interesting idea to me. Once they are killed, they then rise up, so until your buddy is killed, he is fine, but once dead he will try to eat your face. Great idea! (Stolen!) The effect this could have on a story would be great as well, surely the infected but not turned would be treated as second class citizens and be rather rudely treated…could you imagine if one got so depressed that they committed suicide? Oh hell, there goes the neighborhood.  Anyway…

jenny2The coolest character imo is Jenny, a flawed hero. She is the captain of the team and certainly has her hands full, but herself having issues as well, it creates an excellent character drama underlying the zombie fighting and thus creating great depth for the comic. One of my favorite strips is where she gets berated for using foul language, as a captain she should know better, just hits me as pretty funny. In the middle of all this death and zombies! the bureaucratic assholes are concerned about the language, wow so dead on.

I can soooooo easily see this being a role-playing game. The idea that they return to this secure island to recoup, perfect! In any case, it is an excellent read, and the author is looking for enough pre-orders of the book to get it published (once I get a new address in the States, I will be ordering one), so go read it and drop an order.


One thought on “Review: The Zombie Hunters

  1. I’ve been enjoying Zombie Hunters for a little while now. The art work and writing is worthy of print. I just wish it ran more frequently. I would consider black & white for more frequent story development rather than the color work as impressive as it is.

    I guess that’s a testament to how good Jenny’s work is.

    Did you notice the main character shares the same name as the author/artist?

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