Iraqi Dust Storms

duststormWe have been flooded with sand here, sucks bad. So bad sometimes that you do not want to go outside at all, and you can taste the sand in your nose, mouth, and other areas too. šŸ˜‰

Yeah, been there, done that. Sand sucks. I am so sick of sand being everywhere, I try not to come out of building unless I have to for work or missions. Gah! How do people live like this all the time? I have said it once before, I will say it again, what sort of person, two thousand years ago was crossing this area and declared “Hell yeah! This is where I want to live and raise a family!”

We got caught up in the dust storms as well, some days blocking out the sun so much that you could stare at it unaided by sunglasses. I managed to capture a few photos of the dust hanging in the air from around our camp. The dust seriously impacts our ability to run air missions here in country, which of course hinders everything since without air, you cannot do MEDEVAC flights or air support flights. Both still very important in ongoing missions.


Here are two photos I snapped on July 4th this year, it was so thick that you could taste it, smell it, and feel it on your skin just seconds after getting out of the shower, was pretty gross. This hung in the air like this all day, then let up a little the following day. However, for about a week it was pretty bad, but these are definitely the worst days of sand storms that I have seen since coming here.


I will take trees and grass any day to this crap.


“Now all the middle east needs to fully resembleĀ Dune are giant sand-worms and complex politics. Or maybe just the worms.”


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