Review: Lovecraft is Missing

blog stars fourI came across another webcomic, this one dealing with one of my all time favorite subjects: H.P. Lovecraft! The master of horror! The artist and writer has really done their homework, with various references thrown in here and there. I love how they refer to H.P. as Howard, certainly adds a bit of humanity to the man who has become a legend. Larry Latham (the author) has really taken great pains to ensure he throws pieces of Lovecraft lore in here and there, really fleshing it out for those of us who have read Lovecraft.

lovecraft1There are plenty of side characters and each character is developed well, however, the author is able to maintain a pretty quick pace to move the story along (something I find very important due to the fact that webcomic are typically only released a few per month). The author weaves in just enough mysteries and intrigue to keep you coming back for more and the art is simply superb for a free comic online.  The moods the author is able to set, using the artwork and colors is very well done and definitely sets the right tone for a Lovecraftian story. I am pretty sure the master would enjoy reading this if he were alive today. I almost wish this would be updated more often than once a week!

The comic is updated every Friday. The link below heads over to the first entry in the comic:

Here is an example, greatly reduced in size, but you can see some of the level of detail the artist is throwing into this comic.



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