1PageAdventures: The Innsmouth Lighthouse


This 1PageAdventure takes place in a lighthouse that has been overrun by vile cultists of the worse and slithery sort. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to explore…The Innsmouth Lighthouse?

For centuries, the Innsmouth Lighthouse has protected the ships that plied the rough coastal waters. A few days ago that all came to a stop. The local constable was sent with his deputies, but they never returned. As the spring dawns and the merchants are on their way, the town scrambles and is looking for a few brave souls to venture into the lighthouse and free it of whatever manner of evil haunts it.

This 1 Page Adventure is created for Risus, but can easily be used with any game system with just a few stat changes for the new system.

The Innsmouth Lighthouse (545k pdf)

Better quality map for use in VTs


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