Gaming Aid: The Village of Lankford

I am cursed with DNA that causes me to be creative.

I literally cannot stop my head form thinking, dreaming, creating. I will sit in meetings that drone on and on….and suddenly my mind is wandering and I am creating. So I started working on a new mapping style that felt appropriate for my old school Renaissance and as I did so, a small village just sort of happened. Never one to let it just BE, I had to make it into something better. A friend suggested something to me so I have sent off a rough draft of this map (in an earlier production version) to Matt Finch, the creator and man behind Swords & Wizardry and Knockspell magazine and he has expressed interest in having something like this map present in one of the future editions of the magazine. Now, never one to take that lightly, I thought, hell if my name is going on something that in theory is ‘in print’ I certainly want it to look good, and hopefully, knock someone’s socks off. So I dug in and started working on something to live up to this offer of seeing my work in something.

Here is the result:



MJ1-The Village of Lankford (572k pdf)

And just because I am nice, here is the larger jpg file for use in a VT.

If anyone is interested in the much larger and 150ppi resolution png, let me know and I can get it to you.


2 thoughts on “Gaming Aid: The Village of Lankford

  1. I share that curse, but you already know that.

    It looks great! I love the new mapping style. The competitive bit is coming out and I’m going to have to start doing some serious mapping soon before you get too far ahead of me.

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