I have a problem, probably worse than the creative curse I spoke of earlier this week. I confess that I am surely an adult with ADD (or ADHD). I am self diagnosing here but, I do not think I fit the Inattentive-type (ADHD-I) type. It’s symptoms are:

  • Procrastination
  • Indecision, difficulty recalling and organizing details required for a task
  • Poor time management, losing track of time
  • Avoiding tasks or jobs that require sustained attention
  • Difficulty initiating tasks
  • Difficulty completing and following through on tasks
  • Difficulty multitasking
  • Difficulty shifting attention from one task to another

So, perhaps I fit in with Hyperactive/Impulsive-type (ADHD-H):

  • Chooses highly active, stimulating jobs
  • Avoids situations with low physical activity or sedentary work
  • May choose to work long hours or two jobs
  • Seeks constant activity
  • Easily bored
  • Impatient
  • Intolerant to frustration, easily irritated
  • Impulsive, snap decisions and irresponsible behaviors
  • Loses temper easily, angers quickly

According to Wikipedia, I have to display six of one of these types to have ADD. May choose to work long hours or two jobs – yep, Army makes me work long hours, but if I apply this to my hobby, I force myself to work long hours to create thigns I like. Easily bored – hells ya! I have to always be doing something, or be entertained in some way…iPod, internet, book, killing that fly by pulling his wings off Impatient – Remember that little girl in blue on Willy Wonka? That’s me! Chooses highly active, stimulating jobs – I wouldn’t say I choose them, but they choose me, and I would certainly agree that I do my best work when under pressure and forced to perform in a hurry. Impulsive, snap decisions and irresponsible behaviors – The first two…certainly, the last one….nah. I am much more like a woman and plotting, coniving, planning revenge. It may not seem like it, but those gears in the back of my head? Yeah, they are thinking right now of a way to kill you with a spoon. Now, my boss here would tell you that I am very apt to speak my mind or type up an email without thinking of the consequences of what I am saying/typing. I call it being direct and to the point, if it pisses of some stupid little pansey or hurts his/her feelings….well, shut the hell up and die. Loses temper easily, angers quickly – Yeah sure, especially when I was younger, but nowadays? Eh, not so much, I am seriously laid back unless someone directly makes an attack on me. Then it is on baby!

So, well, there I have six. A self diagnosis and I am done fer. Either way, I have always chocked it up to my ability to lack focus at the drop of a dime.



One thought on “ADHD?

  1. Not necessarily.

    I display similar symptoms to the ADHD-I list you put up there, but it’s based on a visual processing disorder that has nothing to do with ADD or ADHD. The people who checked me out said I have slight distractability tendencies, but the majority of my problems stem from the fact that my brain interprets things strangely, and sometimes incorrectly.

    For example, certain numbers and letters appear interchangable to me. This is why I don’t mess with computer code…

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