Gaming Aid: Falcon’s Hollow

So I started working on the map for the town my players are starting the new S&W:Whitebox campaign in. I used a map I pulled of the internet in the first game (sort of a test of how you could pull stuff from the net and throw a game together rather quickly if needed, you can read about the game and that process here). I fully planned on making a map when I had a chance after we decided to make it an ongoing campaign.


So I started work on it yesterday, using the Lankford map as a basis for it. I decided I also wanted to make it a good looking and printable map, which in the end was my own doom. I made the map very large with a 150ppi setting….making it rather huge in working on it, but in the end would allow me to shrink it  to print size and be very very clear. That was my own down falling I realized later. I am working on this from my laptop in Iraq, a powerful machine yes, but not as powerful as my desktop back home (dual athlon, 4gig ram, 256 graphics card). So far it has worked well, but last night it proved that it was not made for graphic art work. I am about 2/3 of the way done with the map when my laptop starts showing signs of problems such as long load times, a slowdown when I try to move something on the screen. I try closing other programs……anything to allow me to continue working on it.

Doesn’t matter, the file size for the base map is just massive and the laptop is maxed out. Thing start crashing here and there, locking the computer up, and eventually the map becomes uneditable. 😐

So, while not 100% done, I am releasing this because, well, it will sit here until I get home if I don’t put it out there now. Not 100% happy with this, but sure someone will find some use for it. I placed it in a pdf as as well for those that like to look at pretty things in pdfs, like me.

Image file for use in a VT (500k jpg)

same file in pdf format


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